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It's more than just Punching & Kicking Develop Agility, Flexibility, Music, Language & Culture Phone: 416-300-6959 Email: info@capoeirabrampton.com
Agility and Flexibility

Agility & Flexibility

When playing Capoeira, you will learn to move in ways our modern lifestyle stops us from moving. Your legs, back and shoulders will develop greater range of motion and strength.

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Not Just Kicking & Punching

Capoeira will teach you ways to move beyond that which other common martial arts schools teach. Discover movements similar to cart wheels, handstands and bridges. Capoeira is a complete body workout every class.

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Overall Health

In every Capoeira class you can expect to work your entire body. It will help you in stress release, cardio, flexibility and strength. It has been said that 40 minutes of Capoeira will burn 500 calories.

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Discover Music

Capoeira is known for its music. Especially the unique sound of the Berimbau. Learning to play the instruments and sing the songs of Capoeira is an essential component to the art form. You will not find this in any other martial art form.

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Language & Culture

You will begin to learn Portuguese as you learn the music of Capoeira. Eventually, learing the language will become a central part of your training to develop a deeper understanding of the martial art.

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At Capoeira Malês you will find that we foster a family atmosphere. Everyone is welcome regardless of age and current fitness ability. You will be treated with courtesy and respect. Our family spans two continents and growing.

About Capoeira Malês - Brampton

Capoeira Malês - Brampton was established in June 2017 when Mestre Lua Branca gave his blessing to Pé Pesado to start teaching here in Brampton. We are an extension of our family of academies around the world. Pé Pesado's goal is to make Capoeira accessible to more people in Peel Region while maintaining the high standards established by Mestre Lua Branca and Mestre Curisco(Seattle, United States). Here in Canada we are headquartered in Toronto,Ontario under the supervision of Mestre Lua Branca.
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  • Ignite Evolution Fitness
  • 10 Henderson Ave
  • Unit 3(2nd Floor)
  • Brampton, ON
  • 8:15pm to 9:45pm

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  • The Art of Dance Centre
  • 1 Nelson Street West
  • Unit 11(Lower Floor)
  • Brampton, ON
  • 7:00pm to 8:30pm

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  • Kids Classes Coming in the Fall

What is Capoeira

Capoeira (pronounced kah-poe-air-ah) is a martial art that combines the excitement and energy of music, dancing, fighting, gravity defying acrobatics and feats of strength and flexibility. Capoeira is a 400-year old Brazilian martial art born out of oppression and slavery whereby slaves had to disguise their training as recreational song and dance. Capoeira has played an important part in shaping the culture of Brazil. At Capoeira Malês, we play a modern form of capoeira, a fast-paced, fluid game known as Contemporânea. There are many different styles of capoeira, some are slow and theatrical, others are fast and artistic. Participants take turns sparring in pairs in the centre of a roda (circle), and also create the live music, which consists of playing Afro-Brazilian percussion instruments, clapping and call-and-response singing. Capoeira came to Canada in the early 1990s and today it can be found on every continent. There is a wealth of information available online for those interested in learning more about the history of capoeira. Capoeira continues to grow and gain recognition as a martial art and form of artistic expression.